Pass Through Entity Prior Year Forms

SPF-100 West Virginia Income Tax Return S Corporation and Partnership (Pass-Through Entity):

Credit Forms and Schedules

ATTC-1 Apprenticeship Training Tax Credits:

Schedule CPITC-1 Commercial Patent Incentives Tax Credit (For periods prior to January 1, 2015)

Schedule EOTC-1 Economic Opportunity Tax Credit:

FIIA-TCS Schedule FIIA-TCS West Virginia Film Industry Investment Tax Credit:

IMSTTC-1 Schedule IMSTTC-1 West Virginia Innovative Mine Safety Technology Tax Credit:

MITC-1 Credit for Manufacturing Investment:

MPTAC-1 Manufacturing Property Tax Adjustment Credit:

NIPA-2 Neighborhood Investment Program Credit Schedule:

SRDTC-1 trategic Research and Development Tax Credit:

SPF-100 APT Allocation and Apportionment for Multistate Businesses:

SPF-100 Schedule SP Shareholder / Partner Information and Nonresident Withholding:

SPF-100TC Summary of Business Franchise Tax Credits:

SPF-100W Withholding Tax Schedule Pass-Through Entity:


SPF-100EXT Extension of Time to File Information Returns (Formerly SPF-100T)