Soft Drink Repeal FAQ

When does the soft drink tax cease?

The soft drink tax will cease after June 30th, 2024. Tax will be imposed on all soft drinks distributed into West Virginia on or before that date.

What is the last day that I can purchase soft drink stamps?

The West Virginia Tax Division will no longer issue soft drink stamps effective June 1, 2024.

If I still have stamps/indicia on the products after June 30th, 2024, can I still distribute products with the stamps/indicia on the cans/bottles until the supply of those cans/bottles is depleted?

The West Virginia Tax Division understands that there will be products with soft drink stamps/indicia in warehouses. These products may still be distributed as they were paid for prior to the repeal of the soft drink tax. Stamps may not be removed from any products once applied and will not be eligible for refund.

Can I distribute products with West Virginia stamps/indicia on the cans/bottles to other jurisdictions after June 30, 2024?

The West Virginia Tax Division will no longer enforce the distribution of soft drink stamps or indicia on or after July 1, 2024. While stamps and indicia should not be placed on soft drinks, syrups and dry mixes beginning July 1, 2024, the West Virginia Tax Division will not impose penalties on any distribution of products after that date.

Can I receive a refund for unused soft drink stamps?

You may file for a refund of unused soft drink stamps. You will have 3 years to file for a refund from the due date of the last return filed or 2 years from the date of the last payment, whichever is later. (Refunds may be subject to a managed audit).

What is a managed audit?

A managed audit allows a taxpayer to review and analyze the appropriate amount of soft drink tax due for the managed audit period. It will include a review and analysis of any invoices, checks, accounting records, or other documents or information to determine whether additional tax or a refund is due for the period. The scope of that audit will be determined at the time of the request.

When should I file my final return?

The final return is due on July 15, 2024. All final claims or adjustments to the tax due should be claimed on that return.

How do I report stamps on the June 2024 return?  

To report stamps used for the month of June 2024, fill out Schedule SUP. The total dollar value of stamps used at the bottom of Column F will be entered into Line 4 of your return to reduce your tax liability by the dollar amount of stamps used.

Claim credit on Schedule SUP

Completing the Schedule SUP accounts for the use of stamps you have purchased. Transfer the “Total Dollar Values” from the SUP Schedule to Line 4 of the of your return to reduce your liability by the value of the stamps used.

When filing your final West Virginia SDR-2015 Soft Drink Monthly Report for the June 2024 period, please attach form WV SDR-2015 Returned Soft Drink Stamps for all stamps being returned to the commissioner for refund. You must include your 8-digit account number and business name. Report the “Total Dollar Value Of Stamps Being Returned” on line 7 of the of your return.

How do I return stamps if I am filing on MyTaxes?

  • Please send all unused stamps that have not been attached to products along with a copy of the form WV SDR-2015 Returned Soft Drink Stamps that was submitted with your return to:
  • West Virginia Tax Division
  • Excise Unit
  • 1001 Lee St, East
  • Charleston WV, 25301

Remit and pay the amount of Tax Due

You would report all tax due from soft drink sales on SDR-2015 Soft Drink Monthly Report Line 1 Column A for liquid forms of soft drinks except for manufactures which report liquid soft drink sales in Column D. Column B accounts for tax due on the sales of powdered forms of soft drinks.

How do I report if stamp inventory is exhausted?

If you use all the stamps you have purchased in the past, report those stamps on Schedule SUP, find the total amount of credit for those stamps, and enter that figure in Line 4 of SDR-2015 Soft Drink Monthly Report.

No credit available on Schedule SUP (Remit full tax due reported on Line 3, Column D of your return.)

If your supply of stamps is exhausted before June 1, 2024, you would complete the tax table of your SDR-2015 Soft Drink Monthly Report. You would not have any stamps to report on Schedule SUP and have no credit to reduce your tax liabilit