Property Tax Forms and Publications

  • Mapping - West Virginia Surface Map Files

Appraisal Services - Industrials

  • 110-CSR-1P Legislative Rule Title 110 Series 1P Valuation of Commercial and Industrial Real and Personal Property for Ad Valorem Property Tax Purposes
  • 2023 Trend and Depreciation (Trend and Percent Good Tables) for Tax Year 2024
  • Application for Ad Valorem Property Tax Treatment as Certified Capital Addition Property

Assessment Standards and User Services

  • Rates of Levy on the Website of the West Virginia State Auditor's Office.

Classified Assessed Valuations

West Virginia Assessment Ratio Study

Public Utilities

  • 110-CSR-1M Legislative Rule Title-110 Series-1M Valuation of Public Utility Property for Ad-Valorem Property Tax Purposes

Natural Resources

Property Valuation Variables

Natural Resources - Coal

  • Coal Rule 110-1I Notice of Final Filing and Adoption of a Legislative Rule Authorized by the West Virginia Legislature

Annual Appraisal Reports

Letters of No Change

Natural Resources - Oil and Gas

Natural Resources - Quarries, Salt

Annual Appraisal Reports

Letters of No Change

Managed Timberland

110-CSR-1H Legislative Rule Title-110 Series-1H Valuation of Timberland and Managed Timberland