Property Valuation Training and Procedures Commission (PVC)

Statement of Purpose

In 1990, the Property Valuation Training and Procedures Commission (PVC) was established to:

  • Facilitate the advance of property tax administration in West Virginia;
  • Devise training and certification criteria for county assessors, county commissioners and appropriate staff members;
  • Establish statewide procedures for mapping, property visitation, identification and collection of information;
  • Develop an outline for county reappraisal plans;
  • Establish evaluation criteria for the performance of assessors and the Tax Commissioner;
  • Resolve conflicts involving reappraisal plans;
  • Perform all duties imposed by law upon the Commission.

Beginning December 15, 1994, and each year thereafter, each county assessor is required by law, to submit a request to the Property Valuation Training and Procedures Commission (PVC) in order to receive the appropriate percent of the previous year's projected tax collections for the valuation fund, in the form of a Proposed Valuation Fund Budget.

By-Laws Amended 01/19/2017


Request for Revision to Approved Budget

Procedural Regulations

Title 189 Series 1 Instructions for Hiring Approval

Title 189 Series 2 Statewide Procedures for the Visitation and Recommended Data Collection Procedures for the Different Species of Property

Title 189 Series 3 Statewide Procedures for the Maintenance and Publishing of Surface Tax Maps