Tax Calendar October 2021

Note: If the due date falls on Saturday, Sunday, or a legal holiday, the return or voucher may be filed on the first business day thereafter.

October 10, 2021

  • BRW-01
  • Brewer/Importer/Manufacturer Beer Barrel Tax Return

October 15, 2021

  • HCP-3E
  • Monthly Estimate of Broad Based Health Care Related Taxes
    Monthly Estimate
  • IT-101V
  • Employer's West Virginia Income Tax Withheld
  • SWA-2
  • Solid Waste Return
  • TPT-709
  • Tobacco Products Tax Report
  • WNE-01
  • Wine Suppliers Report
  • WNE-02
  • Direct Shippers Report of Wine Shipped into West Virginia

October 20, 2021

  • BOT-300G
  • Business and Occupation Tax for Gas Storage
  • CST-200CU
  • Sales and Use Tax Return
    Monthly and Third Quarter
  • CST-270
  • Liquor/Wine Distribution Return
    Monthly and Third Quarter
  • FBH-100
  • Factory-Built Homes Fee
    Monthly and Third Quarter
  • RTL-002
  • Special District Excise Return: Monongalia County - University Town Center
    Monthly and Third Quarter
  • RTL-006
  • Special District Excise Return: Harrison County - Charles Pointe
    Monthly and Third Quarter
  • RTL-007
  • Special District Excise Return: Ohio County - The Highlands
    Monthly and Third Quarter

October 31, 2021

  • BOT-300
  • Business and Occupation Tax Estimate for Public Service or Utility Business
    Monthly and Third Quarter
  • BOT-300E
  • Business and Occupation Tax Estimate for Electric Power
    Monthly and Third Quarter
  • CSR-1
  • Mining Assessment and Special 2 cent per ton Tax
  • IFTA-13
  • International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) Quarterly Report
    Third Quarter
  • IT-101Q
  • Employer's Quarterly Return of Income Tax Withheld
    Third Quarter
  • MFR-14G
  • West Virginia Motor Fuel Tax Refund Application - Government.
  • MFR-14NG
  • West Virginia Motor Fuel Tax Refund Application - Non-Government.
  • MFT-501
  • Motor Fuel Distributor and Alternative Fuel Report
  • MFT-504
  • Motor Fuel Supplier/Permissive Supplier Report
  • MFT-505
  • Motor Fuel Blender Report
  • MFT-507
  • Motor Fuel Transporter Report
  • MFT-508
  • Motor Fuel Importer Report
  • MFT-511
  • Motor Fuel Exporter Report
  • MFT-514
  • Motor Fuel Producer Report
  • Motor Carrier Quarterly Report
    Third Quarter
  • SEV-400
  • Severance Tax Estimate
    Monthly and Third Quarter
  • SEV-400C
  • Coal Severance Tax Estimate
    Monthly Estimate
  • SEV-400H
  • Monthly Estimate of Severance and Business Privilege Taxes for Providers of Health Care Items and Services
    Monthly Estimate
  • SEV-400V
  • Additional Tax on the Severance of Natural Resources Estimate
    Monthly and Third Quarter
  • SEV-400W
  • Waste Coal Severance Tax Estimate
    Third Quarter