Motor Fuel Transporter - Licensing Requirements

To obtain a Transporter License, an applicant shall file an application with the commissioner on a form provided by the commissioner. The application shall include the applicant's name, address, federal employer identification number, and any other information required by the commissioner.

An applicant for a license as a motor fuel transporter shall list on the application each state from which and to which the applicant intends to transport motor fuel and, if required by a state listed, shall be licensed or registered for motor fuel tax purposes in that state. If a state listed requires the applicant to be licensed or registered, the applicant shall provide the applicant's license or registration number of that state. A licensee who intends to transport motor fuel from or to a state not listed on its application for a motor fuel transporter's license shall provide the commissioner written notice of the action before transporting motor fuel from or to that state. The notice shall include the information that is required on the license application.

Upon approval of an application, the commissioner shall issue to the applicant the appropriate license or licenses for each place of business of the applicant. Each licensee shall display the license issued under this article in a conspicuous place at each of the licensee's places of business. A license is not transferable and remains in effect until surrendered or canceled.

A licensee who discontinues the business for which was issued a license authorized by this article shall notify the commissioner in writing within fifteen days of discontinuance and shall surrender the license to the commissioner. The notice shall state the effective date of the discontinuance and, if the licensee has transferred the business or otherwise relinquished control to another person by sale or otherwise, the date of the sale or transfer and the name and address of the person to whom the business is transferred or relinquished. The notice shall also include any other information required by the commissioner.

All taxes for which the licensee is liable under this article but are not yet due are due on the date of the discontinuance. If the licensee has transferred the business to another person and does not give the notice required by this section, the person to whom the business was transferred is jointly and severally liable for the amount of any tax owed by the licensee to this state on the date the business was transferred. The liability of the person to whom the business was transferred shall not exceed the value of the property acquired from the licensee.

The commissioner may cancel the license of any person licensed under this article, upon written notice sent by registered mail to the licensee's last known address, or to the licensee's designated agent for service of process, appearing in the commissioner's files.

MFT-APP Motor Fuel Excise Tax License Application