Business and Occupation, Severance, Excise and Property Tax

This section deals with taxes levied on Business and Occupation Tax, Severance Tax, Telecommunications Tax, Health Care Provider Taxes, and Solid Waste Assessment Fees.

Adobe PDF Icon Business Tax, Excise Tax, and Property Tax Expenditures

Business Registration Tax

Originally enacted in 1970 as the “Business Franchise Registration Tax, in 1986 the name was changed to the Business Registration Tax. It is a license fee required prior to starting business operations in West Virginia.

Excise Tax

The excise tax is imposed on “the privilege of manufacturing, producing, distributing or selling certain items within the State. These items include gasoline and special fuel, non-intoxicating beer, wine, tobacco products and soft drinks. Suppliers of gasoline and special fuel are subject to the excise tax as well as Consumers Sales Tax and Use Tax. Motor carriers operating within West Virginia are also subject to the excise tax on gasoline and special fuel. Revenue collected from the Motor Fuel Excise Tax is deposited into the State Road Fund.”

Property Tax Expenditures

The Property Tax, an annual levy on property, and the Property Transfer Tax, levied on property only when transferred, are collected at the county level. Property is assessed by the county assessor and is based on its use, location and value as of July 1 of each year. Revenue from these taxes benefits State and local governments.