Cigarette and Other Tobacco Products Excise Tax Increase FAQ

What about returns and refunds?

Applications for refund or credit for WV stamped packages that are returned to the manufacturer must include the bill of lading, as well as the manufacturer affidavit.

Returns to the manufacturer will be considered WV tax paid at the rates of $1.20 per package of 20 and $1.50 per package of 25.

Is there a floor stock tax?

Yes. Whenever there is a cigarette tax rate increase, a floor stock tax is charged to all wholesale dealers and retailers who possess stamped cigarettes held for resale on which the cigarette tax was paid at the prior rate and upon unaffixed stamps in the possession of distributors on the date of increase.

Additionally, there is a floor stock tax charged on all Other Tobacco Products on hand on which the tax was paid at the prior rate.

When do we determine what products are in possession that are subject to the floor stock tax?

Any products in the possession of wholesalers, sub-jobber dealers, vending machine operators or retailers are subject to the floor stock tax.

What form do we file to remit the floor stock tax?

Wholesalers, sub-jobber dealers, and vending machine operators must file a TPT-701 West Virginia Wholesaler - Cigarette/OTP Floor Stock Return.

NOTICE: Wholesalers should only report inventory on which West Virginia tax was previously paid.

What if I have other questions?

For tax information and assistance you can always reach us at (304) 558-3333 or (800) 982-8297. Your call will be taken in the order in which it was received.

You can also e-mail us at TaxHelp@WV.Gov or send a notice through your MyTaxes account.