How Do I?

Request third-party access to my clients' MyTaxes accounts

Requesting third party access to another taxpayer’s account enables you to act on the first party’s behalf using your existing MyTaxes logon. Submitting a request for third party access will send your username and email information to the first party so access may be granted to your logon. (Granting 3rd party access must be done thru MyTaxes) .

The following provides instructions for a third party to request access from a client logon:

  1. In the I want to… menu on the top right corner of the window, click on Profile tab MyTaxes Profile Tab
  2. In the I want to… menu, click Request Third Party Access.
  3. ID Type - Click the combo box arrow Combo-box drop-down arrow and select the primary ID for the taxpayer in which you are requesting access.
  4. Taxpayer ID - Enter the taxpayers ID.
  5. Click Submit.